Marci Feddersen

Marci FeddersenHello REAL Millers!  My name is Marci Feddersen, and I am one of the School Counselor's her at YMS>  My office is located in the 6th grade building where I serve students grades 6th - 8th who receive Special Services through an IEP. 
I am also the School Counselor for YMS Virtual School. Students who take virtual classes have opportunities to complete coursework online as full time or blended students.  Full time students complete all course work online; while blended students attend some classes on campus and others online.  Contact me for more details.
I also am the Building Test Coordinator for all things testing.  I schedule and set up state testing as well as PSAT, NAEP, and any other tests that come my way.  
I have been in education for a total of 16 years.  For 11 years, I taught math and language arts at Darlington Public Schools.  After Darlington, I moved to Taft Middle School where I was a special education teacher.  I loved my experiences at both schools and dearly miss those students, but Yukon is now my home.  I taught one year of 7th grade math before finishing my School Counseling  certification.   2018-2019 is my 3rd year as a school counselor at the middle school, and I LOVE it.

Contact me at:
Phone - 405-350-2630 ext 1808
Email -